100% Smell Proof Storage

How Does Smell Proof Lining Work?

Each day cannabis becomes more and more acceptable as a therapeutic and as a social recreational substance. However, I still prefer discretion before and after circling up for a toke. Cali's line of 100% smell proof storage is the best at keeping herb odors in so you can avoid the typical stares and probing that comes with smelling like a traveling dispensary! 😉 

...But how does smell proof lining actually work? 

The big C: It's all thanks to Activated Carbon. Five separate layers work together to contain the smell while carbon particles actively trap and neutralize those pesky dank molecules. 

Let's break it down for you:

Cali Storage Smell Proof Layers
1. The outer fabric of all Cali Storage is made of durable nylon. This weather resistant hex pattern material is simultaneously the first line of defense protecting your belongings and the final barrier for trapping odors in.
2. Next is a thermo foil liner. As you probably guessed from the name, this foil section reflects heat and regulates temperature in your storage. Hot environments escalate the vapor phase of liquids and solids causing an increased release of odor molecules.
3. Inside the foil is an absorbent foam sheet. Guess what it does. It absorbs fragrant molecules that are floating around in your bag while doubling as padding for the interior of your storage.
4. Then we have our MVM (Most Valuable Material). The activated carbon filter lines the inside walls confining and eliminating powerful odors. You may be wondering, "Just how long does this carbon stay active?" Great question! Over the years, carbon's adsorptive power will diminish, but don't worry. It can be restored! 😉 More on that later. 
5. Last is a polyester netting that protects the carbon filter. The mesh design allows scent to pass into the filter to be terminated.🦾
Carbon molecule. Granular Carbon
So how long does carbon stay active? Typically carbon filters will remain active for 6-12 months.
"But Tommy, how will I know?"
Well, you'll start to smell your bag and everything in it 😂 When you do, it's time to clean and reactivate your lining. Follow these steps:
1. Completely empty the soft case and remove the dividers 
(This is a great time to clean your storage. More on that in another post).
2. Grab your Dyson, Hoover or trusty old Shop-Vac, and use the hose to remove any loose flower from inside.  
3. Next, re-install dividers, place storage in a pillowcase, and tie it shut.
Dry in pillowcase on delicate for 10 minutes
4. Throw it in the dryer with a few towels and dry on Delicate (LOWEST SETTING) for 10 minutes to reactivate your carbon lining.
This will have you back to blocking those potent fumes for another year or so. Repeat this process anytime you need to reactivate your carbon filter. 
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