Why Choose Cali Crusher for Your Weed Grinder?

Why Choose Cali Crusher for Your Weed Grinder?

A high-quality weed grinder makes the ultimate difference in your overall smoking experience. There are a lot of options when it comes to grinders and you might be asking yourself, “what should I look for in a weed grinder?” Great question - you’ve come to the right place!

Gold 2.5" Cali O.G. (Original Grinder)

Cali Crusher grinders are made from 6061 aluminum (aerospace aluminum - see Top Gun Maverick yet?!? ✈️), which is the highest grade and most durable metal. The top-of-the-line Homegrown®️ grinders are CNC machined from one solid piece of aluminum, type II anodized, and then bead blasted, creating a “unibody” seamless feel. 

Cali Crusher has the most trusted herb grinders in every color, shape and size. Boasting different micron count screens, large storage chambers, and substantial chief catches, these are the most well-built cannabis grinders on the market. 

You’ll never find a cheaply made or plastic grinder here! Cali only manufactures the highest-grade aluminum grinders with sharp teeth ready to smoothly grind your weed. Bidirectional grinding will cut and fluff your bud simultaneously. This balanced, even grind saves time and makes bowls and joints burn slow and even. A Cali Crusher grinder will elevate your game and is an excellent investment that will last for years. Checkout our full collection here!

Green Homegrown Standard section tops

Cali Crusher also has a super friendly and helpful customer service team. Which is uncommon in the grinder industry. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your grinder (or any cali product) you can email info@calicrusher.com and the team will take care of you!

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