How To: Using a Grinder

How To: Using a Grinder

Some would say using a grinder is a common sense operation, and I agree (for the most part). However, some folks are new to grinding and some have been shredding for years, without a grinder. Some are grinding inefficiently without a clue and some don't even know where to start! Cali Crusher has been on that daily grind since 2010, so we've gathered abundant knowledge along the way. I present our collection of specialized grinding principles and guidelines.....  Here's how to use a grinder. 😂

 First things first: USE A ROLLING TRAY! Regardless of experience, grinding is messy. So, do yourself a favor and grind over a tray. It will catch any precious nuggies that drop in the process and you can scrape them back into your grinder and conserve. 😉

Grinder, product, and rolling papers on tray

So, we have: A half of Strawberry Cough 😋 (insert your favorite strain), our trusty grinder, and our preferred smoking apparatus. Let's get started!

Open the top of your grinder and recall the words of our beloved, Afroman...  "Pick out the seeds and stems"🎶... Seriously though! Don't go cramming full nugs, straight outa the bag, stem and all right into your grinder! 😖 Constantly shredding stems will dull your grinder blades and lower the potency of what you're consuming. 😵 Think about it: if a percentage of what your inhaling is diced stem, your decreasing the strains potency by that amount.
It's rare in this day of high-caliber craft cannabis, but if you DO happen upon a seed, keep it, germinate it, plant it! *if that is legal in your state. Just don't smoke it - they taste TERRIBLE!! 🤮
Loading a grinder. Pick the flower off of the stems.
As you pull those precious buds off the stems, load them into your grinder. Be sure you are placing them in the spaces between the grinder teeth. Also, don't cover the grinder lid's magnet or center post. This will reduce waste and make certain the grinder can close and shred at full capacity. 
One last Hot Tip on loading your grinder: DO NOT OVERFILL! The grinder's storage chamber can hold far more ground herb than one can fit in the top section unground. Overpacking makes the lid harder to turn and strongly increases the chances of a lock-up! ☠️ (more on this later) Do yourself a favor: load sparingly, grind that down. Load more and grind again. You'll thank yourself later.
Now, put the lid back on and start by grinding back and forth in both directions until you're past those first tough turns. Then, finish out in one direction. There a few reasons to do this:
Grind in both directions
1.Dual Action: Homegrown®️ blades cut with the front side and fluff with the back to give you a consistent rollable finish. To achieve this beautiful fluffy grind one must spin in both directions. 
2. Time is Money: Most other grinder teeth like our O.G.'s diamond shaped blades can cut in both directions. Cut both ways - save time - smoke sooner 😉.
3. Righty NOT TOO TIGHTY: Most will instinctively grind clockwise since this is how grinder sections thread together. However, when a grinder is freshly loaded, it can be hard to make those first cuts. By only twisting hard to the right and "powering through," you're inadvertently over-tightening the storage chamber below. As you've probably noticed by now, weed is very sticky (icky-icky). Those glorious trichomes are like nature's glue inside your grinder. A humid environment, build up of pollen in threads, and persistent over-tightening can lead to the dreaded..... JAM! ☠️ (dun dun, duuuuuuunnn)
If you do get locked up, don't worry. There are a few tricks to try and "unlock" a jammed grinder without totally destroying it. More on that in another post. 
Now that your tasty bud is ground and ready to load, open the middle section so you can collect it. If possible use your pick or a scoop to remove your product. If you don't have one, pinch the ground product against the side of the grinder to collect. *Pushing down too hard while gathering can cause your screen to cave in or even break. The Homegrown®️ has aluminum supports to collect on in order to prevent screen cave.
WE'RE THERE MAN! That's it! You made it. You should now be ready to roll up a fatty or pack that bong or pipe you love. If you've been cultivating some kief in your bottom tray, use the scraper and sprinkle some on top 😛 BE ADVISED! That first powdered green pull hits different!! 😵‍💫
We hope this has been a helpful, learning experience. Keep it here for more expertise, tips and tricks. Blaze on you crazy grinders... 🐻✌️ 
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