Warranty Replacement

Homegrown® Grinder Limited Warranty

Our Limited Warranty only applies to Homegrown® Grinders purchased through an authorized Cali Crusher® dealer. In the rare occurrence that one of the blades/teeth of your Homegrown® Grinder bends or breaks from regular usage, please submit a product claim. If your product meets these criteria we will issue you a replacement part at no additional cost. Please note, only the blades/teeth are covered under our Lifetime  Warranty and we will replace the broken piece, not the whole grinder. Cali Crusher® Homegrown® Grinders are scratch resistant, not scratch or dent proof! Our warranty does not cover scratches, dents, or any other user generated damages. Amazon items purchased through our official Cali Crusher® Amazon account (and not third party sellers) are covered under our warranty. Customers must provide proof of purchase to receive a warranty replacement. 


Defective Homegrown® Grinders

If you were sold a defective Homegrown® Grinder by one of our authorized Cali Crusher® dealers, we will replace your unused product within 15 days of purchase. We can not accept used products. Returns/Exchanges must be initiated within 48 hours of receiving the product. Possible defects include: Cross-threading, Quick Lock spin-through, inseparable grinder sections or missing pieces. If you believe your Homegrown® is defective please submit a product claim. Customers must provide proof of purchase to receive a replacement. WE CAN ONLY REPLACE UNUSED DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS.

*International purchases from third party vendors are subject to restrictions. If you bought a defective grinder from an authorized dealer outside of the United States, warranty replacements must be issued by said vendor via their distribution channel.


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