How To: Cleaning Your Cali Bag

How To: Cleaning Your Cali Bag

When you find that Cali Storage bag you love, it's hard to leave home without it. It's 100% smell proof and perfect for neatly storing your favorite grinder, smoking device, and delicious buds. Not to mention, it locks! 🤯

Most experienced Cali Crushers know life is dirty, and eventually, you're going to want to clean those melted gummies out of the inside of your beloved storage. (R.I.P. gummies💀) Gotta stop leaving that bag in the hot car 😖

Here is how to clean your Cali Storage:

HAND WASH ONLY. 🫧 Washing machines will damage your storage!
1. First, completely empty your bag/pouch/soft case/duffle and remove any internal velcro dividers
2. Use a vacuum hose to pull out any loose flower from inside.
3. Soak in a sink full of water and some laundry detergent (dirty dividers can be washed too). Spot clean stains by scrubbing with a soft sponge or bristled brush 🧽
4. Place a heavy dish on top to submerge the item and let it soak for 10-15 minutes.
Soak in sink and rinse
5. Drain the sink and rinse with fresh water to wash away the soap inside and out.
6. Hang dry overnight. If possible, turn bags and duffles inside out first to hang dry. Some items can take 1-2 days to fully dry depending on climate conditions.
Roll Top Backpack hang drying inside out
Once dry, you can get back to storing in style😎!
While your Cali storage is clean and empty, we recommend re-activating the smell-proof carbon lining (more on that here).
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