Cali Crusher Grinder vs Scissors and shot glass

Why Grind You Ask?

So it's been a long day (or week) and it's time to kick back and toke up. You break the seal on a smell-proof container of delicious herb and start delicately separating flower from stem. This can be done simply by hand. Some will use scissors to expertly trim the good stuff off the stems. This is not typically folks favorite part of the ritual, but it is required prep for getting your roll on. 

Next you try to neatly load the separated flower onto a paper with the stickiest of fingers, and ultimately smash and roll together an inconsistent, lumpy, sad excuse for a joint, that no self-respecting stoner can be proud of! 😔 Hey, it's been a long.... month!

Walter White Rolling Joint

 After the necessary finger scrub and tacky dry, it's finally time to spark this "beauty" so you ligh.... you light it ... you... one sec, my fingers are sticking the lighter wheel... and there's no air.... WOOOSH!

OK! Here we go. It is LIT! Now you are completely out of breath and a runner has burned its way down one side to your fingers (almost incinerating your eyelashes), while the other side refuses to catch fire, AT ALL! 😖

And just like that, this bulging uneven reefer madness has turned your 4:20 daydream into a smoker's nightmare. The expert move at this point, is to break up this abomination and pack the old glass spoon so you can relax.

GOOD NEWS: This stressful humiliation can be avoided.

PRO TIP: Get your grind on.

Cali Crusher full of ground herb

Grinding your flower leaves a consistent fluffy finish that is perfect for rolling. It's also the cleanest and most efficient method of separating bud. Less mess always means less waste. Uniform, ground flower packs better in papers, blunts and bowls. Most of all, your flower will burn EVENLY!

Grinders also help eliminate more stems and seeds one might miss separating by hand. This leaves users with the purest, best tasting flower possible (unless you're buying snicklefritz 😜). 

Kief pellet with pollen tray

Pollen production is probably the most overlooked advantage to using a grinder. Kief or pollen that is collected in the bottom chamber can be used to top a bowl or to crank up the potency of a joint. It can also be pressed into hash coin and dabbed or vaped. These days the Caviar Joint is a fan favorite. This is a pre-rolled joint dipped in cannabis oil and rolled in pollen... 😋 PSA: Know your tolerance with these or you may slip into an impromptu nap! 

The advantages to grinding are endless. The weed grinder is an essential tool in the daily user's arsenal. Step up your game and start grinding in style! 😎


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