How To: Combo Lock

How To: Combo Lock

Some of Cali's 100% smell proof storage comes with our awesome 3 digit combination lock. This has become a standard feature on luggage to provide users with a little extra peace of mind. 🧳 Here's how it works, and how to set your combo.

0-0-0 combo push button to release
The factory combo for the lock is 0-0-0. If your new bag doesn't unlock with this code, email for instructions on how to troubleshoot your lock. To begin, turn all dials to zero. You should be able to press in the PUSH button and release the zippers.
You can now set your three digit secret code 🔎 Think of something you will remember and others will not easily guess. Once you have it, use something pointed like a toothpick or a pencil to push down the reset button until you hear it click. The reset button will stay clicked in until you set your code.
Turn the three dials to your desired combination. Then hit the PUSH button once more to lock in your combo. Listen for the click to ensure it is set. 🔒
Shuffle the dials and test. The PUSH button should only go in if the dials are turned to your code. If you need to change the code repeat this process starting with your current combo instead of 0-0-0. If you're still having trouble take a look at this How-To video:


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